SERB Presents Preclinical Data Showing Initial Efficacy of COVID-19 Treatment Developed with Polyclonal Antibody Platform

Washington D.C., 19 October 2022: SERB Pharmaceuticals today announces preclinical data demonstrating initial efficacy of a new polyclonal, ovine fragment antibody (Fab) developed as a treatment for COVID-19. The data will be presented as a poster at IDWeek 2022, the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, held in Washington DC on October 19 – 23.

Using a Syrian hamster model shown to be suitable for the assessment of interventions designed to prevent COVID-19 infection, transmission, and disease, subjects were treated with PR020, a polyclonal ovine-derived Fab raised against the SARS CoV-2 spike protein, or a vehicle control prior to viral challenge.

• Subjects in the control group lost weight more rapidly than the PR020 group (p<0.05 day 4 onward).

• Clinical illness scores for the PR020 group were lower compared to control animals (p<0.05 day 3 onward).

• While viral shedding assessed by throat swab did not differ between groups, viral RNA levels in lung tissue were significantly lower in PR020-treated subjects (p<0.05).

• PR020-treated subjects also showed significantly less pathological changes in the lung compared to controls (p=0.0022).

“Treatment with PR020 resulted in a positive clinical outcome in the group exposed to SARS-CoV-2,” said Christon Hill, Chief Innovation Officer of SERB Pharmaceuticals. “These animal model findings demonstrate the potential to use our polyclonal antibody platform to develop new treatments for infectious diseases and toxic exposure.”

To develop PR020, SERB utilized the broad-spectrum polyclonal antibody platform gained in its acquisition of BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals. This specialized manufacturing process generates antibody fragments that specifically bind to a given antigen, helping to ensure potency and purity. This platform is used to manufacture two of the company’s currently marketed products. SERB has additional development programs underway using the platform, including a program to develop a novel therapeutic treatment for ricin poisoning.

The poster session opens on Friday, October 21, 2022 at 12:15 ET in Hall B + C.

Details available here:

Our polyclonal antibody platform

SERB has a best-in-class manufacturing platform for the creation of broad-spectrum polyclonal antibodies. Animals are immunized to produce a range of antibodies specific to a selected antigen. These proteins are extracted from the serum and purified, then cleaved to separate the fragment that binds to the antigen from the Fc, or fragment crystallizable region. These smaller Fabs can access difficult-to-reach therapeutic targets and are less likely to cause unwanted downstream effects on the immune system. Additional filtration and viral clearance stages help to ensure purity and avoid adverse reactions. SERB is one of the few companies that can manufacture polyclonal antibodies at a commercial scale and suitable for market authorisation in all territories.

About SERB Pharmaceuticals

SERB is a growing pharmaceutical company focused on emergency care and rare diseases. For over 30 years we have made treating these complex and life-threatening conditions possible, supporting clinicians, healthcare systems and governments while offering hope to patients and their families. SERB has the broadest antidote portfolio in the world, including medical countermeasures for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) risks. As a fully integrated company, we have the experience and capabilities to acquire, develop, and manufacture our medicines to the highest standards, and make them available worldwide through our secure supply chain. SERB operates in the US as BTG Pharmaceuticals. Learn more at

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