SnakeBite911™ Expands Free Snake Education and Snakebite Safety App to Android Devices

BTG plc (LSE:BTG), an international specialist healthcare company, today announced that SnakeBite911™, the company’s consumer-friendly app containing educational information on snakes and snakebite fi

BTG plc (LSE:BTG), an international specialist healthcare company, today announced that SnakeBite911™, the company’s consumer-friendly app containing educational information on snakes and snakebite first aid support, is now available for free download in the Google Play™ Store for Android devices.

SnakeBite911, which was released for iOS devices on the App Store® in May of this year, is an easy-to-use resource designed to educate users about the most commonly found venomous snakes in North America. The Android-compatible app was developed in response to high demand for accurate snakebite treatment information across mobile platforms. A demo video of the app can be viewed online at

“Judging from the positive reaction from outdoors enthusiasts since launch a few months ago, SnakeBite911 is filling a void in mobile access to accurate snake education and snakebite treatment information,” said Tom Logan, head of patient outcomes management at BTG. “We are excited to expand support for the app to a broader audience and continue to raise awareness of the critical importance of seeking immediate medical attention after envenomation occurs – time really is tissue.”

North American Pit Vipers can be found in almost every U.S. state and, as reported by the Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, approximately 8,000 venomous snakebites occur each year in the U.S. Snakes are active during warm weather seasons, so in most regions, snakebite season extends well into the fall months.

SnakeBite911 provides an encyclopedic range of information in the app’s Snake Education Center, including physical descriptions, photos and native habitats of North American pit vipers, ranging from the most recognizable rattlesnakes to the lesser-known cottonmouths (water moccasins). Some key features of the app include a Snake Sightings Map, which allows individuals to view and upload snake sightings, and a Hospital Locator, designed to help snakebite victims find the nearest available hospital that can provide care for a snakebite – both geo-targeted.

The app advises anyone bitten by a venomous snake to remain calm and seek immediate medical attention, while providing first aid information and helping get a snakebite victim to medical care. Additional key features of SnakeBite911 are First Aid, which contains a list of DOs and DO NOTs for treating a snakebite, and a Venom Tracker, which uses a device’s built-in camera to send push notifications to take photos of the bite area at regular intervals, helping track envenomation spread and leading to more accurate medical diagnoses and treatment.

The company also recommends consulting the local poison control center by dialing the Poison Help line (800-222-1222). Poison Control Centers have an excellent track record of working with physicians, healthcare providers, and members of the public to ensure quick and appropriate care for snakebites.

The consumer-facing SnakeBite911 app is available for FREE download in the Google Play™ Store for Androids 4.1 and up with [COMPATIBILE SOFTWARE], and in the App Store® for iPhones and iPads compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. Versions of SnakeBite911 are also available for emergency first responders and emergency room healthcare professionals, and can be downloaded for FREE from the App Store® and Google Play™ Store by searching for SnakeBite911 FR and SnakeBite911 ER.

SnakeBite911 and the snakehead logo are trademarks of Protherics UK Ltd.

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